What I do

Individual coaching

When people are constantly bombarded with information, how do you capture their imagination and create ‘buy-in’?

Coaching is key

Through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, I work intensively with individuals to achieve rapid, measurable progress.

Focusing on workplace communication challenges, I help people:

  • Become more influential
  • Increase their confidence
  • Have more effective conversations
  • Present professionally
  • Listen well
  • Build relationships
  • Become outstanding media performers
  • Improve their interview skills

People have taken quantum leaps in their development through my coaching

After I helped a 63- year-old board chairman overcome a long-standing communication challenge, he said, ‘Why didn’t someone tell me that 40 years ago? It would have made such a difference.’


Per hour

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Customised programs

When business initiatives fail it's usually not because of the concept but how it's communicated.

Facilitating your message

I can help customise your workshops, retreats and conferences to communicate key messages and engage and align your people around them.

Do any of the following apply to your business?

  • We need to get the cynics engaged
  • Our team has deep technical knowledge but poor people skills
  • We need to improve our client relationships
  • Our latest initiative needs traction
  • Oe want to win more business
  • Our top performers need to step up to the next level

The common challenge above is communication. Solutions to these communication issues aren't always simple. Sometimes a customised approach is needed to correctly diagnose and address your communication challenges.

I have designed and delivered tailored solutions for many of Australia's leading organisations

  • Designing over 75 conferences for organisations such as Suncorp Metway, Blake Dawson and Downer Edi
  • Developing career transition centres for Deloitte
  • Developing workshops to help the Commonwealth Bank implement large-scale technology changes

I can design and integrate group workshops, speeches or conferences with your organisation's key messages to engage your people and inspire them to greater results.


Typically 1-2 days

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Presentation skills

When your voice is quivering and your hand is shaking, how do you regain your composure, capture people’s attention and deliver a compelling presentation?

Presentation skills workshop

My presentation skills workshop is for those who want to truly excel at presenting. Combining video feedback with insights gleaned from my teaching background at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), I train workshop participants to apply the skills of outstanding performers, including how to:

  • Build confidence
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Maximise impact when presenting

Participants will also learn:

  • Techniques for preparing quickly
  • Options for structuring presentations
  • Insights into engaging audiences and sustaining their interest

Participants receive feedback in a supportive environment to help develop their talent

It’s no surprise that people fear public speaking but audiences fear poor presentations, too. No one wants to endure a presentation that’s too long, too complicated or uninspiring.

Delivering an important presentation without the necessary skills and confidence can be personally upsetting and professionally damaging

A great presentation on the other hand can motivate, enlighten and inspire an audience and set apart a leader from his or her peers. The ability to truly engage an audience, while enjoying the experience, is a skill well worth mastering.


Typically 1—2 days

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Media skills

How do you develop rapport, come across as the expert and be memorable ... all in five seconds?

Media skills workshop

When the camera’s rolling, the lights are blinding you and someone asks you a tough question, it’s critical to stay composed and reply with a succinct, compelling answer.

Being thrust in front of the media can be daunting, even for seasoned professionals. And in this digital era where footage can be online forever, performing well in front of the camera has never been more important.

A strong media performance can reach a large audience with a lasting positive impact

But a poor one can ruin a career or brand. A performance lacking confidence, conviction and credibility can end up on the cutting room floor, allowing your competitors to claim the media spotlight instead.

This Media Skills workshop demystifies the media and gives you confidence when facing any form of contemporary media. Whether you’re a seasoned executive regularly facing the media, or a newcomer, this workshop will add lustre to your performance.

You’ll learn what makes news, and how to get key messages across succinctly and powerfully

I will constantly challenge you with practical scenarios, customised to suit your needs.

You’ll have extensive opportunities to speak in front of the camera and practise lessons you learned. I will give you insightful feedback throughout the program to extract your best performance, create a natural on-screen presence and help you reply with newsworthy answers.


Typically 1—2 days

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Building strategic relationships

Are you trying to sell me something or help solve my problems?

Building relationships workshop – Karma Business™

All relationships require trust and personal investment; business relationships are no different. Your interactions with prospects, clients, peers and other influencers determines the quality of relationships that are critical to your success.

Do you or your colleagues have any of these frustrations:

  • We have great technical expertise, but not enough people know about us
  • We have an ad-hoc approach to building relationships. Its either feast or famine
  • We feel uncomfortable selling. It’s against our natural style
  • We’re too busy — we don’t have enough time to sell

This program examines the techniques, practices and philosophies consistently applied by outstanding relationship builders

Through this program participants learn the vital behaviours necessary for building relationships. Participants will learn how to improve the quantity and quality of their interactions with clients and prospects, and convert these to increased market share and maximised profitability.


Typically 1—2 days

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Communication skills

We spend a lot of time and money communicating. How can we do it more effectively and powerfully?

Communication, influence and building relationships workshop

Many talented people have invested significant time and effort mastering their technical expertise, but don’t have the communication skills they need in their position. The negative impact can be significant, both for the individual as well as for those they influence.

Regardless of your field, sophisticated communication skills are essential for successful relationships with others and to engage others with your vision.

This workshop will give you:

  • A range of strategies and techniques to choose from when faced with common communication challenges
  • An understanding of how others perceive you and what you can do to alter that perception
  • Tools to help build energy and engagement
  • Ways to connect with personality styles that are different to your own
  • Methods to help prepare for important conversations
  • Techniques for structuring information so it captures attention, holds interest and is memorable
  • Tips on holding great meetings

The program can be highly customised to suit the needs of individuals and their business environment.


Typically 1—2 days

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Additional topics

  • Story telling for the business professional
  • Reaching an audience
  • Presence and gravitas
  • Confidence
  • The art of excellent listening
  • Making technical speeches engaging
  • Effective meetings
  • The pursuit of outstanding interviews
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Building energy and engagement
  • Communication, impact and influence

How I help

"I’ve been extensively trained in communication skills in the USA and South Africa and now here in Australia and the best corporate trainer by far is Carlton Lamb."

Giam Swiegers CEO Deloitte

"We’ve had very positive feedback due to the professionalism, ideas and energy you brought to the planning and execution of our partners' conferences, thank you and well done."

Mary Padbury Chairman Blake Dawson Lawyers

"Carlton has the remarkable ability to build people’s confidence and self esteem until they can believe in themselves and are motivated to take action."

Peter May HR Director, Winner – Human Resources Director of the Year CSIRO

"Some of my managers went through the training program with Carlton two years ago. They still frequently mention it and its positive influence. I defy most people to name a trainer that has that type of lasting effect."

Stephen Adolf Vice President/General Manager Asia Pacific Merisant (manufacturers of Equal Sugar)

"Carlton’s approach is original, thought provoking and inspiring. "

James Allan Talent & Management Development Qantas

"I really enjoyed my two hours with Carlton but more importantly it ranks as one of my most significant life changing experiences."

Paul Capper CEO, Winner – Innovator of the Year Award KEE Technologies

"Carlton has a great style which coaches people to improve in an area where most people feel extremely uncomfortable. I particularly liked the way he could change his approach depending on the type of person he was dealing with."

Mike Carrucan General Manager Open Cuts Xstrata

"The value we got from your work was incredible. Better still, I think we will continue to learn from it for years to come."

Kellie Croxon General Manager Clarity Communications Public Relations

"Thank you so much for all your support, deep technical skill and insight. I am very grateful for your gift to me of this amazing transformational experience."

Susan Ferrier Director People and Development Allens Arthur Robinson

"Carlton’s broad spectrum of knowledge from engineering to the performing arts makes him an inspirational corporate trainer."

Gerry Moriarty Group General Manager Telstra

"Thank you for your superb advice. It couldn’t have been better!"

Stephanie Pursley Partner Freehills

"Outstanding training more valuable than any other training I do."

Andy Ridley Global Director Earth Hour World Wildlife Fund

"Excellent, inspiring, fantastic, very dynamic, entertaining, superb, witty and very, very funny."

Gillian Thacker General Manager NSW Department of Education and Training

"Your coaching really has helped them achieve a fantastic level of public speaking and we are very grateful for your assistance. I can certainly see lots of areas where we would like you involved in our business."

Joanne Zarb Executive Director People & Support Employers Mutual

"The best session I’ve been to in my life."

Participant Institute of Chartered Accountants Forum

"Brilliant, simple, effective, well presented. A must for anyone wanting to communicate well."

Participant 2009 AHRI National Convention program

"Absolutely exceeded expectations. I would have loved to hear more and more from Carlton."

Participant 2009 AHRI National Convention program

Who I am



For over 12 years I have worked alongside CEOs, directors, partners, managers and young professionals helping them master skills in all facets of communication and personal performance, from presentation and influencing skills to media and relationship-building techniques.


Broad skill set

As well as offering one-on-one coaching, I design and deliver customised programs to help corporate clients meet their complex communication needs. My diverse background, from mechanical engineering to acting, helps me connect with and bring value to a wide variety of people.


Highly acclaimed

I have been sought after for international engagements such as the World Wildlife Fund. I'm also the provider of choice for many of Australia's leading organisations, including Allens Arthur Robinson, Blake Dawson, CSIRO, Commonwealth Bank, Deloitte, Downer Edi, Freehills, Maliesons Stephen Jacques and Suncorp Metway.

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